Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vision Statement of Lunar Time Ship (LTS)

To Whom It May Concern,
This letter is in regards to a project which I believe is of vital importance to humanity as a whole.  Please consider if you will, that as a species we have now reached a level of technological proficiency and sufficient scientific/philosophical/theological awareness wherein scholars and the deep thinking amongst us may grasp the overwhelming singular grandeur of our existence as well as our innate biological/psychological/behavioral vulnerability.  Due to the myriad mechanisms of possible demises available to us by either our own behavioral immaturity as a collective species, or the various unknown systems of cause and effect in Nature which are outside of our control, the eventual extinction of our species is as self-assured as the numerous extinctions of other species we ourselves continue to cause during our thus far relatively short lived evolutionary process upon ‘Earth.’  Because of our inability to completely deny the rational realization of the death of our species as an ending to our collective sentient experience and creativity, and because of our incredible growth in intelligence and technology to date, we owe it to ourselves to invest in a digital fingerprint of our time on Earth, a virtual time-ship which shall represent all of us in our entirety.  We now have the know-how to accomplish this feat which shall be as great or greater than all other civilized marvels to have come before it.  The time has come for us to champion ourselves and begin to work towards leaving behind our legacy as a collective species.  By recording the epic story of humanity and ourselves, we may share who we were, all we went through, all of us, for others in possession of consciousness in the universe to discover and learn of us and our perceptual paradigms/inventions/cultures through future possible archeological missions to this corner of our galaxy, as well as future sentient species to arise and evolve upon earth after our passing, whom may in time awaken as we have, wiping the fear and superstition from their minds eyes, seeking timeless answers to timeless questions.
Because of the complex and expensive nature of such an undertaking, this project requires funding, resources, tools, man power, emergent cutting edge technologies and co-creative intelligent input from all nations and peoples of Earth.  Also, because the planet we live on is a volatile mass of ever changing geological upheavals and cosmological influences of uncertain destructive capabilities, it may stand to reason that the best possible candidate for the location of such a facility may be off-planetary...  I am only a layman, but because of its close proximity to Earth, a suitable safety zone upon the Earth’s moon seems to represent the best possible location for my emerging vision of this project, not only because of its close proximity, but also because it is the one planet where thus far mankind itself has been able to touch down upon, walk its alien surface, and return to tell the tale.  Thus an off-planetary lunar facility which is self-sufficient, maintained by various forms of robotics and Artificial Intelligences which may caretake and repair themselves, continue to evolve within their own communities, and facilitate the use of solar power and various other electromagnetic waveforms.  Burrowing within the depths of the moon for protection from colliding space debris and catastrophic meteorite collisions with the Earth itself offering up destructive blowback into the depths of space, it would be an incredible feat of human engineering to provide a safe haven for our mechanical progeny to represent us in our absence.   In tandem with this project, deep space beacons not unlike Voyager 1 will be needed to alert the varying quadrants of the vast universe and any listening higher intelligences that our facility does indeed exist, and to invite them to discover and explore what was once humanity.  Also needed will be some sort of signal intelligence and earthen facilities for future earth based organisms to access and interact with what I am terming the "Lunar Time Ship" or "LTS."

The current contents of the Lunar Time Ship I envision include:
~ Storage of all genetic material from earth that we are able to accumulate, as well as accountings of all creatures and elements we have thus far observed and recorded.
~ All data in all forms, be that literature, movies, music, visual arts, any and all available digital scans of human expression in our entirety.
~ All languages and cultural heritages, objectively represented in their entirety, all peoples, everywhere.
~ All sciences, religions, and myths, all paths of human expression in their entirety.
~ All technological data must be included except perhaps that data which may cause damage, such as nuclear weapons, biochemical weapons, and all secret science applications and human creations which pose continuing threats to existent life on Earth. For the purposes of national security issues and technological copyrights of a sensitive nature, such it would seem must remain hidden and above top secret in security rating for governments and agencies still currently involved in threatening all life on Earth with their immature egocentrically power driven campaigns misusing their positions to intentionally misguide those human intelligences and life-forms under their care(Note: ideally, including all data possible would best serve towards providing an objective and thorough rendition of the time-ship facility I envision, but these issues shall need to be figured out by a council of intellectuals and experts beyond my cognitive abilities and understanding of such responsibilities and risks therein.  I do foresee that the threat of the facility being hacked is of prime concern in development and implementation of the project, so security is essential! These issues must be resolved before uploading or implanting data reservoirs.  *Terrorism can certainly be expected on this project, as a great many human factions will want control over the perspectives and nature of the data stored therein, and can be expected to create propaganda campaigns to alter the objective notated reality of humanity to suit their own need to represent themselves and our history as something that it has not been, and instead, as something which paints themselves in a greater light than what is the objective truth of human history and experience.  Such zealous ideological factions may feel driven to destroy or alter the project with little or no regard for the real value of what it represents scientifically/philosophically/socially/spiritually in its esthetic purity as I shall outline here and in coming blogs and letters to project leaders round the world.)
~ In addition, each and every human being on earth, in every nation, from the moment the project is realized till humanity either perishes, or our ability to access the facility is ended, will have a certain allotted space represented in terra-bytes, to leave a record of themselves, their family, photos, journals, blogs, v-logs, online profiles, feelings, thoughts, art, music, videos, a virtual journal if you will of themselves in whatever format they may digitize and feel confident to leave behind to express of themselves for future reference.  Those without technological means or financial/educational proficiency shall be enabled by global organizations to be formed in the wake of the LTS, to give account of their personal stories. (I have ideas for technologies that can help make this a reality... write to me at my email [] if you are an electrical engineer/technological developer interested in this aspect of the project...).  Though the internet may already symbolize various forms of digital record keeping, the current immoral lack of personal control over our own online identities rules out the internet and social networking sites as a means of documenting people in a form which shall be as eternal and well intentioned as I envision for the LTS.  Certainly of the upmost importance regarding personal accountings encoded within the LTS, is that 'every' human being shall be afforded the self-respect and dignity of having complete control over their personal LTS entry, what parts are private, or what parts are only to be opened after the demise of humanity.  Any psychological safeguard a human being wants to implement concerning their own entry is completely within their power to implement and be expected to be honored.  We are handling peoples heartfelt legacies, their lives, their experiences, and even in some cases, their lies, their worst fears, their worst deeds.  I am envisioning the LTS to represent a place where human beings may make peace with their humanity, their lives, and for everyone to make peace with themselves...  
   Although foreseeably these personal entries may not prevent the greater network of objective sharing of an individual's role in society and however such may be recorded within various systems of society, such as educational facilities, legal facilities, corporate and financial institution files, or perhaps an individuals impact upon their environment, their family, and general social structures.  So what is actually stored, what data is worthy of remembrance, this vital topic will need to be addressed and the answers to such questions as,"What are our priorities, or what is our ultimate goal?" revealed. Equally important is that every individual be afforded the right to know what is recorded of themselves and represented within the LTS as a whole.
~ In so far as we are able, I forsee it would behoove humanity to construct a family of AI’s exactly resembling ourselves, both male and female, adults and children, in order to render for possible explorers or future Earth inhabitants, a 3D visage of ourselves in proportional height, shape, and formats most akin to our real forms.  One may predict what skin color, facial and bodily features, and physical representations in their ethnic pronouncements, will be a subject of debates to come regarding such an idea and technological manifestation.  This aspect of the project, these cyborg ambassadors if you will of the LTS, would represent a modern technological marvel which would allow future archeological explorers to interact with visceral beings they will be able to appreciate more fully than mere photos, videos and audio recordings, or even holographic depictions provided by various machines of who and what we were and how we came to be extinguished from our home-planet. (DNA cloning will need to be discussed, and whether or not we want to preserve our DNA so that other technologically proficient species may re-animate us, or whether we want to let our DNA and the human species fall away into the shifting sands of time, completely extinguished as nature must have intended if and when an extinction of humanity occurs...)

Thank you for your time and consideration. 
My intention is to send emails and letters outlining this proposal to the various space agencies, governments, educational institutions, press agencies & scientific publications of the world, as well as certain important key public figures around our planet that may exude a keen interest in such undertakings...  

Should this project come into existence, my only personal desires are that my name be attached to its origination and that I be included and allowed some avenue of interaction with project leaders in order to freely discuss the Lunar Time Ship and my evolving vision of its functions and possibilities, that i may continue dreaming and growing with it...  

I can be contacted at   Please do not hesitate to reach out and say hi, as well as to offer any suggestions and help to get this project off the ground and into the right hands, so it may efficiently reach the engineers’ drawing boards, as well as the hearts and minds of humanity as a whole.  

Feel free to share this web address and my ideas with anyone you feel might be interested in joining this project and helping it come to fruition.  
Shen Orion